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Vertua Opportunities Fund

Your vision. Realised.

When it comes to making the most of your money, you need to look for an opportunity that offers you more. The Vertua Opportunities Fund is a multi-asset, open ended unlisted property focused fund, investing in real tourism-related property and businesses, listed and unlisted assets and cash deposits. We pursue targeted opportunities and follow through with a strategic plan to grow your investment.

How it works

Our objective is to provide you with tax effective income and the potential for long term capital growth by acquiring tourism-focused properties and businesses. Leveraging our expertise, this combined approach gives us the ability to achieve additional returns above the traditional returns of purely property investments.

We aim higher

We offer our clients the opportunity for higher returns because we aim high and think differently. The fund is benchmarked against an absolute return of 10% p.a. which is independent of any index or other benchmark. We typically provide a mix of cash and capital returns, with a bi-annual distribution from the fund. And we seek to create long term capital appreciation through strategic value-adding – in other words we don’t just invest in businesses, we grow businesses.

The value of tourism

The tourism and travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries. And that means opportunity. We are focused on the tourism industry and consolidation for a number of reasons.

  • Tourism related growth is estimated to be 5.6% up until 2020.
  • The tourism asset market is broken down into large institutional grade assets as well as smaller ‘owner-operated’ tourism assets. This diversity is a strength. It provides an opportunity to consolidate smaller properties on higher yields (and typically too small for institutional investors) and exit the investment on ‘portfolio’ yield which should be lower and reflective of a larger institutional buyer – ultimately delivering a greater outcome.
  • We have the ability to leverage an overall group management structure to oversee and operate assets which individual businesses cannot justify.

Ready to earn more?

Interested in applying for units in Vertua Opportunities Fund? Here are some quick details to help get you started.

Legal Structure:Unlisted, open-ended unit trust
Distribution:Annually at 30 June
Minimum initial investment (per unit class):$100,000 AUD under regular Investment Plan

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