Generating Returns
Through Active Management


Vertua’s Opportunities
Fund Overview

We are focused on the acquisition of tourism and hospitality assets. The Fund seeks to acquire both passive investments as well as actively managed businesses. By improving systems and focusing on overall returns we add value to the business and underlying property.



Half Yearly






Fund Distributions

Distribution History

DEC 2022 ($) JUN 2022 ($) DEC 2021 ($) JUN 2021 ($) DEC 2020 ($)
Distribution (CPU) 0.035 0.035 0.035 0.035 0.0357

Fund Performance

as at 30 June 2022

6 MONTHS (%) 12 MONTHS (%) 18 MONTHS (% P.A.) 24 MONTHS (% P.A.) SINCE INCEPTION (% P.A.)
Distribution 5.59 5.22 5.44 5.77 4.60
Cap Growth 19.79 3.73 6.20 7.63 6.34
Total Return 25.38 8.96 11.64 13.40 10.94

Fund Objective

The Fund was established to acquire Tourism and Hospitality assets throughout Australia. Since inception the Fund has successfully acquired 5 assets in both New South Wales and Tasmania, carefully selecting venues which provide a combination of both strong income and future capital growth.

Domestic Tourism and Hospitality assets have become even more in focus since the impact of Covid-19, with many businesses suffering from extended shutdown periods. The Fund’s strategy saw our strategically located assets utilised by State governments, minimising the effects of the Covid-19 downturn.

Asset Class TargetAsset Allocation (%)
Operated Properties 70
Passive Investments 20
Cash or cash-like products 10
Total 100

The Opportunity is Now

With global economy in turmoil, and the outlook being uncertain, we believe the opportunity is to acquire distressed assets, with strong prospects in the current environment. Our experienced management team continually conducts extensive due diligence of a variety of assets which could add value to the overall portfolio. Our strategy is to actively manage the businesses underpinned by the ownership of the underlying properties. We believe this combination of long-term investment into a property combined with additional income from active management presents the best overall return profile.

Greater Returns

The Fund’s strategy has been focused on returns. Since inception we have generated returns of 12% p.a. Our tax-effective investment strategy has partnered both the core property strategy with the outperformance from operating the underlying businesses. This combination allows us to outperform traditional property focused investments.

We aim higher

We offer our co-investors the opportunity for higher returns because we aim high and think differently. The fund is benchmarked against an absolute return of 10% p.a. which is independent of any index or other benchmark. We typically provide a mix of cash and capital returns, with a bi-annual distribution from the fund. And we seek to create long term capital appreciation through strategic value-adding – in other words we don’t just invest in businesses, we grow businesses.

The value proposition

The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the world’s largest industries. Before the shutdown’s associated with Covid-19 it was a booming sector, rich with opportunities. We believe the opportunities still exist post Covid-19. We believe this because:

  1. We acquire strategic, predominately regionally focused, Australian assets
  2. Assets need to meet our investment criteria, which sets strict criteria for acquisition
  3. Historical tourism growth has been estimated at 5.6% a year
  4. Highly fragmented industry, with both institutional assets and smaller “owner operated” assets presents an opportunity to acquire assets
  5. Synergies from a group management structure provides additional operational returns for each acquired business.

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Legal Structure Unlisted, open-ended unit trust
Distribution Semi-annually
Minimum initial investment $100,000 AUD
Reinvestment Plan YES – available to all investments

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